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The effect of sound

Sound harmonizes and centers, promotes  mindfulness and is an expression of presence.. Sound is always NOW! By listening it happens a natural pause and an orientation inward, a devotion to inner stillness and the current moment. The constant flow of thoughts can come to rest.

It is impossible to listen to one sound and not to be here! Therefore sounds are such a valuable medium to train mindfulness to sharpen the perception for oneselve and for others and to find a loving access to itself. Sound supports a pause, which leads to relaxation and deceleration, all factors that are also in coping with stress of elementary importance. Working with sounds has enormous positive impact on the reduction and release of stress.













Since sound is a non-verbal medium, which acts on a non-rational level, also inaccessible areas can be stimulated and touched and therefore both spiritual and physical blockages gently relax and loosen. Sound has a harmonizing effect in a holistic way and opens the flow of vital energy. It thereby enables the self-healing powers and promotes regeneration and strengthening.

Sound also has a very community-building and unifying effect. In a natural and simple way, it heals the common singing and making music in the current structure of society so strongly widespread phenomena of separation and isolation, and sets free endorphins. Therefore, it is of great importance. for the education and  the training of communities.

Sound opens up access to inner happiness and the place of inner stillness. It carries the memory for reconnection with the essence in yourself and the ability to the unity of body and soul, of feeling, thinking and acting (again) produce.

Fotos:D. Kardogeros

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