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      Sound & Healing Oasis Crete


This beautiful place is located in Armeni / Apokoronas, near Chania, in the region of Apokoronas in Crete / GR and is waiting for new life and your support !!!


Aoide (Greek: Aοιδή) is the greek muse of music. It is her job to inspire the people to sing and do creative work. In the Sound Healing Center Aoide we will offer healing sessions  with sounds, movements and conscious & mindful work. We have space in the outside area where gong meditations, dance, intuitive tones, sound circles, yoga and more creative sessions will take place.

Here is a sweet home with a lot of space for a soundhealing area, with a real fairy tale garden... with beautiful mediterranean flowers and fruit trees: oranges, lemons, avocados  and  with view to the white mountains,

the "Lefka Ori". It is a very quiet and powerful place, perfect for retreats and recharge your batteries. Even we have a river flying near by in our garden with our own bathing area. This all we want to share with you ! 


We are in process to buy this property and create inside and outside spaces for seminars with sound healing, yoga, conscious dance  and mindful work. As an alternative to the seminar visit, it is planned that you can simply go on holiday there or take a relaxing break, on request with process-supporting / sound-healing accompaniment. You are also welcome for an one-to-one-retreat.

Do you want to participate on this project ? This is, what you can do:


A) we are looking for founding sponsors!


We ask you to support us in founding this center with an amount of money.

In return, you will receive a voucher for a holiday stay with us that is valid for 3 years and redeemable as soon as we have purchased the property.


This you will receive as founding sponsor:


for 500, -: voucher for a week holiday stay in a double room for up to 2 people, appointment by arrangement


for 1000, -: voucher for two weeks holiday stay in a double room for up to 2 people, appointment by arrangement

for 1500, -: voucher  for

- Two weeks holiday stay in an apartment up to 2 persons plus a total of 5 individual sessions for each person (massage / sound treatment / coaching). Appointments upon request


for 5000, -: royal sponsorship. Voucher for 4 freely selectable weeks of vacation up to 2 people plus a total of 2x 7 individual sessions (massage / sound treatment / coaching) plus free participation in a seminar, which is given by us.


from 1000, - you will be mentioned as a supporter by name on our website, if you want it and if desired, also linked. As a royal sponsor, we present you on our website with a photo, your vita and your website (if you want).


Of course, you can also give a higher amount or buy several vouchers.

If you have other ideas and want to be part of this project, but don`t want a holiday stay, just feel free to share your ideas with us!!!

If this whole project ,against expectations,does not come to realization, your amount will be guaranteed completely refunded without any discussion.


B) Donations 

We will need some useful things, for example some furniture and bicycles....

So, if you have something, that you don't need anymore, please let us know....

C) Volunteers

From springtime we will be glad for some help in our lovely garden. Just let`s speak about...

  who we are ? 

    Birgit Reimer                           Agis Nikolis                         Apostolos Kosmidis




gives fantastic

energy massages

and much more...,

transformes with his golden heart

all who meet him

musician, music therapist, creative coach and much more ... she supports the development of consciousness by sounds

teaches self consciousness and self empowerment. Gives intense healing massages and cooks amazing food.

If you want to participate as a founding sponsor, please write to us your email address and for which voucher you decide. The amount itself can be transferred via the payment button on the bottom right. You will then receive your voucher from us promptly. Thank you deeply for your support!


Alternatively, you can also transfer to this account:


Birgit Reimer-Gaube

Aachener Sparkasse

IBAN DE68 3905 0000 0047 6246 14


Keyword:​ Aide Gründungspatenschaft

Yes, I would like to participate as a founding sponsor to realize the sound healing center Aoide. I will receive in return for my money a holiday voucher. If, contrary to expectations, this project can not be realized, I will definitely get my money back.

Voucher​   500,-

Voucher 1000,-

Voucher 1500,-

Voucher  5000,-

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