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Sound!Motion & VegaYoga

Vacation seminar on Crete

29.10. - 2.11. 2018

... let vibrate every cell of  body, mind and soul...

1 week on Crete

A mindful week for yourself following the flow of creative life energy

and can give you deep harmony and relaxation.


We are Vered and Birgit from Israel and Germany and have (again) met in Crete as sisters of the heart and discovered that we work and swing in a very similar way.

In our seminar, therefore, there will be a unique fusion of our personal creative paths:


Vered works with her extraordinary kind of yoga, she calls it "VegaYoga". These are free-flowing intuitive improvised movements based on Yoga Asanas.

Birgit will work with sound and dance elements from "Sound! Motion". There are a lot of new experiences for body, mind and soul in the community, which of course release a lot of joy ....


The terrestrial magical energy of Crete with sun, sea and its powerful nature gives you support in personal processes and an excess of deep joy ...


The seminar will take place at the Orizon Center for Life and Creation near Chania, on the seafront.

What's waiting for you:

  • daily lessons in VegaYoga

  • sound meditations and sound baths

  • movement improvisation

  • free chakra sounds

  • awareness work

  • self-discovery in intuitive dance

  • excursions to power places where we can dance, dance and follow the flow of VegaYoga

  • swimming in the sea

  • and much more...


Sound!Motion ...

... works with the three sequences Sound, Movement and Mindful Soul Dance. In a creative get-together with intuitive dance, sound healing circles, free chakra sounds, movement meditations, gong trance and more, your own soul essence and the joy of the heart becomes (again) tangible. The soul's own natural vibration can return, believed dead or unknown parts can be transformed into a new liveliness. This stimulates the consciousness of ourselves and the flow of life energy. The natural vibration increases and the organism regenerates physically, mentally and spiritually.


... fulfills the yogic principle of unity through movement and asana to unify the physical body, the soul, and the mind. Vega Yoga is an opportunity to give our body-mind the freedom to move in inner and outer spaces simultaneously. We will learn to watch our movements carefully as we make connections between the natural dance in our bodies and the yoga postures that amplify the flow of our natural energies.

Music inspires our potential for movement as the movement releases the static energy in the yoga posture to allow it to pulsate and flow inward. In VegaYoga we search for the manifold and complex connections within the inner and outer world of movement and create a creative path that gives both a voice to our mind / soul and gives it the power of self-observation. Movement and posture, which exist within consciousness and attention, give us the freedom to ascend while standing firmly on the ground.

Seminar teachers:

Vered Reznik


About me

I live on a boat in Tel Aviv harbor and often travel out to sea. I work as a yogini and yoga teacher for 9 years, dancer, dance teacher and homeopathic healer. I strive to meet the life that pulsates in each one of us from a place of optimism and love and hope to give myself and others the freedom to experience different kinds of physicality with the aim of creating a deeper connection between bodies To reach soul and spirit and to gain the experience of unity.

Birgit Reimer


About me

I love Crete and I feel how the gifts of this magical island really help to root in the heart and root in the earth.

I work as a musician, violinist, sound- and gongtherapeut. I am fascinated by everything that sounds and vibrates, because vibrations are pulsating alive and we can overwrite our old (negative) cell informations through sound and dance, and thus we can find a new conscious wholeness.

Seminar costs:                                                                            444, -

Earlybird at registration until 31.7. 2018                                                 399,-      

( including: seminar lessons, rent for the seminar room, costs for two trips to power places) 


Date: 29.10. - 2.11. 2018 

Beginning: 29.10. 18h with dinner, after we start with evening session 

Ending: 2.11. 15h with  lunch  



Akrimios & Orizon Spiritual Center

Megala Chorafia, Apokoronou Kreta, 73003, Griechenland  


you can choose among different options. More info HERE


every day we will have dinner together with the group,the costs are 10,- for each meal. 

In the other times you can make your own food in the little kitchens of the apartments

As the space at the Orizon Center is highly sought after, we ask you to sign up for an early registration to make sure that you can actually be accommodated in this beautiful place.


English and German, if necessary also hebrew

Getting there:

The flight must be booked independently.

The best airport in Crete is Chania, the seminar hotel is about 20km.

The airport of Heraklion is also possible, from here a transfer can be arranged for a surcharge. Please ask.

Ryanair flies  very cheap and directly to Chania.

Recommended flight portal: or


as binding mail to:


Now is the time to overwrite, transform, and reorient the old information, no matter what kind of memory was stored in your cells for a long time ... in great joy and ease. With sounds that touch your essence and awaken consciousness, with meditative movements, free-flowing yoga, and intuitive soul dance.

Self-healing begins with a gentle increase in vibration ...



We are looking forward to you !!!

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