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Retreat on Crete

30.9. - 7. 10. 2022

Wisdom of Oneness

Birgit Reimer & Petra Trtnik



Content of the seminar:

This week is dedicated to the wisdom of our soul. The gate openers for our inner path of reconnection are the powerful sounds of the gongs, energetic practices of MEM Gong Yoga (a gentle but powerful type of short yoga practices connected to sounds) and creative tools like dancing and singing. The highlight of this week will be a 24 hour sound healing ceremony for a powerful contact with your own wisdom. Petra and Birgit accompany you with an open heart on your individual path. We open a safe space of healing, love and growth in which to share our gifts. ​

​Seminar structure:

Day 1 arrival

Day 2 Move, dance, dive in the sounds

Day 3 Immerse yourself in stillness, relax, let go, center, open

Day 4 going deeper into sound and stillness

Day 5 your 24 hour Sacred Ceremony / Gong Puja

Day 6 relax, integrate, share

Day 7 full circle, preparing you to return to the world

Day 8 Departure ​

The place:

Armenoi near Kalyves / Crete

Our private seminar house is embedded in a beautiful garden with lush Mediterranean plants and shady trees. A relaxing holiday feeling is created by numerous romantic spots that invite you to linger or you can take a refreshing dip in the small in-house spring stream. Here we are totally sheltered and yet within walking distance of approx. 250m to the picturesque village's platia with its traditional cafes, small shops and taverns - and even some clear springs with mountain water. The sea with the next town Kalyves and a fine sandy beach is about 2.7 km away. A transfer there can be organized, we also have some bikes available. Participants also have their own simple outdoor kitchen with fridge and gas stove.













                                                       Petra Trtnik








Seminar price: € 555,-

Early Bird discount if you register until March 15: € 455,- 

Installment payment is possible If you would like to participate but are having a financial problem, please ask about the possibility of a reduction.

Number of participants: at least 6 people, max. 12

Cost of accommodation and meals:

(includes vegan/vegetarian half board consisting of: all day water and tea,

healthy snacks, breakfast and lunch for 7 nights

​Single comfort tent € 259,- (equipped with a good bed and mattress)

Double room € 329,- (with single beds)

Single room € 434,- (single rooms are very limited, we ask to share rooms, if possible)

If you need a single room, extern accommodation is also possible


In the case of external accommodation, there is an additional house fee of 10.00 per day ​

Room requests will be considered in the order in which they are registered.

Getting there:

You have to book your flight self responsible. The nearest airport is Chania, from there we can organise a shuttle. You can also fly to the airport Heraklion and from there take a bus ( around 2 1/2 hours drive)

recommended portal:

How can I register?

Please write an email to We will then send you your registration form. Places are limited and will be allocated in the order of registration.


We are looking forward to the wonderful time with you !!!

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Birgit Reimer

I was first educated as a musician, violinist and music therapist. In countless healing concerts and sound bathes I play my beloved instruments. At the Peter-Hess-Institut in Germany I learned the practise of sound massage and gong therapy with Johannes Heimrath. By Gong Grandmaster Don Conreaux I was educated in MEM Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance.

I have been teaching music and free improvisation for more than 30 years and also worked as a sound healer for many years. I founded the "dolphin-sound-travels", swimming with the free dolphins of Egypt and I am leading a lot of seminar groups for self love, creativity, sound&dance  and consciousness.

I am the founder of the "Soundhealing Oasis Aoide" on Crete/ Greece, 

loving and discovering Crete more and more and feel how the gifts of this magical island really help to anchor in the heart and root in the earth.

I am as well the founder of two very successful online congresses with the topic healing by sounds and creativity.

Everything that sounds and vibrates fascinates me because of vibrations pulsating life.  Through sounds and dance we can transform old negative cell informations into high and free vibes and can thus find a new conscious wholeness and our inherent joy of life.


I started off in massage therapy, specializing in Dorn-Breuss therapy for spine health and body alignment, sports therapy, and, most of all, in the Maya abdominal Therapy working towards natural reproductive, abdominal, and overall health of, both, women and men. Following my own self-healing path, I continued my studies further on, becoming a MEM Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance teacher of teachers, which brought me to discover Sound Healing and the Gong. This brought Music, my greatest hobby, and passion since a very young age, to my professional life as well. What was once just a personal hobby and a powerful personal healing tool has now become a powerful healing and self-healing tool to many.

The biggest part of my teachings and work is self-care, self-help, or self-healing. Through my personal self-healing path and amazingly rich field of experience with individual and group therapy work, I am bringing forward the magic of self-helping tools such as our Voice, Breath, Movement, Touch, and all that is close at hand… I am one of the first generations of MEM Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance students, studying with Don Conreaux, translating, assisting, and co-teaching Don's trainings. Combining all this with my vast field of experience in different therapies, 1 on 1 work, and group work, I am focusing a lot of my teachings on wholesome Self-Care and service to others.

I am the originator of a few MEM Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance branches, such as the 24hour MEM Gong Puja, MEM Gong Yoga for Pregnancy and Post-Partum, Re-programming Therapy, and the Wisdom of Oneness Yoga – The path of the Intuitive.

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