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Welcome to this page.


For me music is a source

of vital energy, joy and love.

  Drinking from this source to share

   with you,I see as my task in life.

       I work as a concertante violinist and                 musician, also I work as a sound and music          therapist. Because my heart beats for healing through music, I have called this area

of my work Herzklang.

On the following pages you will learn more about my various activities. Have fun exploring! I also look forward to your feedback ....

I was trained as a musician, music educator and music therapist.

The classical music, accompanying my childhood, had great influence

on my career deeply and I love it very much. In my view, it has a great

healing power. At the music academies in Cologne /Aachen and 

 Maastricht, Netherlands, I studied violin and

  chamber music. During this period of study, I dealt with the various

   aspects of classical music and especially with all facets of chamber music.

    My formative teachers were Hariolf Schlichtig, violaplayer at Cherubini

     String Quartet and Charles Linale, first violinist of the Orpheus Quartet.

     A lot of lessons especially in chamber music with Menahem Pressler, Bruno                 Canino, Sandor Vegh and Norbert Brainin of the Amadeus Quartet                     influenced my musical development and view a lot. 


       A lot of chamber concerts with various ensembles followed. For 10 years I      I     mainly concerted with the Scheliad-piano trio and in duo violin / piano.           Engagements followed as a soloist, for example in 2008 with the "Sinfonia                 Concertante" by Mozart, accompanied by the international chamber                       orchestra "Little Europe". By the encounter with musicians from the tradition                   of the Sinti I dived into the sound world of the Sinti gypsies and gave                    concerts with gypsy music. Furthermore, I began to improvise with                            different musicians in performances, oriental music, free                                       improvisation and elements of the minimal and ambient music.


         The healing power of music has always inspired me.

               This was the reason to study the specialist music therapy at the European             Academy of Healing Arts, associated with the Musikhochschule

                               Hamburg and Karajan Foundation, Salzburg. This I                                     graduated in 2010 with a publication with the theme "The Power                            of Listening", a topic that still fascinates me because I perceive                                          it as of central importance.


  The curiosity for the phenomena of sounds and resonance 

 led me  in 2012 to a sound work education at the Peter Hess Institute

with Peter Hess himself and I started to work with singing bowls and gongs

as very original sound sources. This touched me very much because they are

very simple and beautiful, yet powerful. Now I give sound massages,

offer sound travels and gong concerts and consider the work with singing bowls

   and gongs as very effective and efficient because it can put people

       holistically in vibration and touch. I was inspired in playing the gongs and gong therapy by my teachers Don Conreaux, Johannes Heimrath and Peter Gabis.


                     As a member of various ensembles I regularly perform in concerts,

               for example, with the ensemble Flordelavida, in the Duo Fiddler on the Groove  with the Polish percussionist and composer Kryzstof Baka, with the pianist          Edmund Elsässer in Duo Sphinx and others.


     The transformational aspect of working with sounds is now in the 

center of my interest and led to development of healing concerts and sound journeys, which are with classical instruments like the violin interwoven with overton instruments like the singing bowls and gongs. It is my great

      pleasure to follow this incessantly unfolding creative power and to pass it on.






Foto:D. Kardogeros

About me

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