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Dolphin Sound Journey to the Red Sea / Egypt

11. - 18. 11. 2023

and    27.4. - 4. 5. 2024

Dolphins touch us deeply, just as sounds do - on this journey we will combine both. We swim with free-living dolphins in a national park in the Red Sea, where the dolphins are protected and in their natural habitats.

We enjoy a process-accompanying support through sounds and daily sound experiences. These vibrations nourish us, support a frequency increase of our energy field and open the way into our soul essence.

The confluence of dolphin energy and sounds opens healing spaces where we can drop and relax deeply. Love energy is allowed to flood the heart. We learn from the dolphins, how to flow together in playful joy and how to make our lives free and creative. Sound experiences and intuitive dancing help us to come into our very own power.

The nourishing power of Shakti can unfold beneficial and lasting. My violin and many other highly vibrating instruments will travel along and contribute to regenerating and energizing sound spaces.

Dolphins scan the human energy field with their sonar and are able to release blockages with their frequencies. That is why swimming with dolphins gives a release of happiness hormones.

This journey will touch you in the heart and can sustainably change your life ...


An individual accompaniment is possible if required.


We live in a spacious and beautiful eco-village near Marsa Alam directly on the Red Sea and are provided there with a lush and excellent full board.


We enjoy the daily access to the beautiful house reefs with its stunning underwater splendor of exotic fish and corals.

We practice snorkeling until everyone feels safe with it. Then we visit for 4 days with a ship on which we also sleep, the free dolphin families. We swim with the dolphins from the ship. Our Egyptian guide will be there with us all the week, supporting and accompanying us in all organizational matters.




  • Mindful escort while snorkeling

  • 4 Day Trip on a very comfortable safari ship to the National Park in

      the Red Sea to the wild dolphins, swimming and snorkelling with them

  • Experience the magical underwater world

  • Mindful swimming with the dolphins

  • Sound meditations in the Bedouin tent

  • Working with the inner dolphin

  • Chakra notes and intuitive singing

  • Room for joint creation of sound and music

  • Freeflow - guided movement improvisation

  • Intuitive soul dance

  • Worth knowing about vibration, dolphin frequencies & sound healing.

IMG_1488 klein.jpeg
IMG_4481 klein.jpeg

1 week in a double room/cabin including full board (without flight):
(accommodation in a single room during the land arrangement is possible)

11.-18.11. 2023: 
Early bird            registration until 31.3. 2023:     1559,- 
Normal booker    registration from 1. 4. 2023:      1619,-

27.4. - 4.5. 2024: 
Early bird            registration until 31.8. 2023:     1559,-
Normal booker    registration from 1. 9. 2023:      1619,-
if you are cretan locals, please feel free to ask for a discount

Included in the price:

  • 3 days / 4 nights Accommodation in a beautiful, built of clay Double chalet, which has a very good indoor climate It has its own modern bathroom Ceiling fan. (only with early registration guaranteed. Later maybe there is a more simple accommodation)

  • 4 days / 3 nights Excursion on a very comfortable Safari Boat to the dolphins

  • Snorkeling and swiming in a mindful way with dolphins

  • Full board with excellent and imaginative buffet

  • Free drinks all day ( except alcoholic drinks)

  • Visit the beautiful house reefs

  • Transfers 

  • Fee for the  escort of our Egyptian guide

  • Sound meditations with Birgit

  • Process support on request

  • Travel arrangements



Extra costs, not included in the price:

  • Flight to Marsa Alam ( recommanded)  or Hurghada 

  • Surcharge Transfer only from Hurghada Airport (2 ways) = 130,-

  • Single supplement, on request Visa (easily available at the airport) = 23,-to 30,- 

  • Rental charges snorkeling equipment and suit Tips (room cleaning, etc.)

Cost reduction: possible when booking a bedouin tent, please ask


Participants:   10 - 15 fellow travelers ( If the number of participants is less then that, we will travel with another, also very good arrangement)

More info:

Birgit Reimer 

by mail : or

by phone:   +49 / 177/2312442

              or   +30/698 8382989


I will send you your registration form.


"Swimming with the dolphins touched me deeply and made me feel very close and light in my voice, and in my voice, too, new spaces have opened up and I really enjoyed the sound together.

I thank you, Birgit, for the abundance and beauty of the journey and especially for making this encounter possible! "

Dr.Lilith Jappe

IMG_4808 klein.jpeg

"Thank you very much for making this trip possible and filling it with beautiful sounds, sound meditations and sound journeys!

Especially nice I found all our common sounding, singing and swinging! For our ideas, impulses and inputs, there was usually enough room and so everyone could bring their own into the group.


With great joy and enthusiasm, I discovered the underwater world as a snorkel beginner and felt very safe and well cared for. To see and feel the dolphins so close was wonderful, but also very familiar. I do not usually like deep water, but did not feel any fear or discomfort.

I think we all felt that the dolphins, with their subtle energy, make a heart opening and great joy. Through her behavior and energy, I became aware that both are possible; Feeling myself and my needs, being at the same time with the group and contributing to the good of the whole.


A very fulfilling and rich week is over, but the inner images, insights, sounds, vibrations and contacts are present. In gratitude,"


Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions:

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