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"You learn music through music" (Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy)

Learn the violin online with high quality and lots of fun

Graduate violinist offers sound online violin and viola lessons with heart and hand. You learn violin or viola with me with a lot of fun and motivation. I impart both playing technique at the highest level and musical empathy for the music from the first note, no matter what level you are at.




  • comfortable lessons from home

  • No agitation and no annoying search for a parking space

  • Knowledge of notes is not a prerequisite ... and learning notes is no magic! Learning notes with me is quick and fun !!

  • You benefit from my more than 30 years of teaching experience

       several youth music schools and conservatories in Germany

  • You get the best qualified and professional lessons from me on the violin or viola

  • Lessons for children and adults

  • Classical, traditional music, pop, free improvisation: everything for me

       equally possible, because: Music is learned through music ...

  • You will receive valuable insider tips from me on purchasing and maintenance

        for your instrument

  • "0815" doesn't exist for me. You will learn how it suits to you and

        with the music you like.

  • Together we design your lessons very personally, individually

        and highly motivating

  • Lessons at every level with a lot of joy







You need:

- a computer with a webcam

- a stable internet connection

- a working instrument (I can give recommendations)

- joy to learn something new

- We will decide in the first few hours which grades are suitable

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I studied classical violin and chamber music at the Cologne and Maastricht Music Schools (NL), as well as music therapy at the European Academy of Healing Arts (in cooperation with the Hamburg Music School).


My formative teachers were Prof. Hariolf Schlichtig (former viola player in the Cherubini Quartet), Prof. Charles-Andre Linale (former Primarius in the Orpheus Quartet) and Prof. Szreder, (well known for his concerts with contemporary music).

I have completed my three studies, which build on each other, with the instrumental education diploma, the artistic maturity exam and the chamber music exam, each with top marks.

I completed further training with a certificate in Rolland string didactics, music therapy (with Prof. Decker-Voigt, Hamburg) and sound practitioner according to Peter Hess®.


I can be seen regularly in concerts with different duo partners and ensembles. You can find information on this HERE.

My enthusiasm for experimentation led me beyond the basis of classical music to gypsy music, klezmer, ambient (with electric violin) and free improvisation.

I taught my first violin student when I was 16 years old. After graduating from high school, I began teaching violin at a youth music school in Germany  parallel to my music studies at this time.

After completing my studies, I taught in addition to my private students at the youth music school in Aachen (D). Since 2008 I have been teaching violin, viola, orchestra conducting and chamber music at the Main Youth Music School in Hamburg and at the Conservatory in Schwerin for many years, both in Germany.  A large and loyal swarm of private students accompanied me for over 30 years. Taking care of this with hand and heart was and is a great pleasure for me.


I love to pass on the ability to play the "queen of instruments", the violin, including her big sister, the viola.

If you have any questions or just want to speak to me without obligation, please call me or send me an email to:

Phone: +49 177 2312442 or +30 698 8382989

(if I can't answer it: please send me a SMS,

 I'll call you back for sure ...)

Looking forward to see you...

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