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Sound & Silence 17.- 23.4. 2024  Desert Retreat Egypt

April 17 - 23, 2024     


Retreat White Desert - Egypt

In this retreat we will dive into the extraordinary healing silence of the desert and at the same time sink deeper and deeper into our own inner silence. Our stay takes us to selected beautiful places of power in the White Desert of Egypt. Our Bedouin companions take care of our night camp every night and treat us to delicious Bedouin fresh food.


We let ourselves deeper and deeper into the silence, vastness and grandeur that is reflected in this landscape and in us. Some of my instruments (violin, small gongs and more) accompany us. There is plenty of time for sound - yoga - meditation sessions, healing rituals and individual exchange.  In the evening, after dinner, there is time for fireside sharing and/or nightly starry sound meditation.


During these days we anchor ourselves deeply in the beauty and stillness of ourselves. An overflowing abundance of light envelops us and we listen to the song of stillness in the desert. The stillness and overflowing light supports our individual vision quest and brings deep happiness and peace.


Energized, inspired and nourished we return after these days and take a deep inspiration and liveliness with us...

Language will be english and german

included: ​​

  • 2 nights at Bahariya Oasis

  • Full board for the entire time we spend together (April 16th from midday until April 23rd after breakfast)

  • accommodation 17. - 23.4. 

  • Jeeps and gasoline

  • Driver, cook and guide

  • Transport of all camp equipment and food compulsory

  • Sound and vision work, sound yoga with me

  • Bedouin music group.


not included:

  • flight to Kairo

  • Hotel Cairo

  • Egyptian visa (available directly at Cairo airport) ca 25,-

  • desert tourist ticket ca 25,-

  • Tips around 100,-

Day 1: Start in Cairo. Drive to Bahariya Oasis, accommodation in camp

Day 2 : We set off in the morning with jeeps, our guide, two drivers and a Bedouin cook. Everything we need for accommodation and food on the way for our camps is provided on board... We take our time in the “Black Desert,” explore the “Crystal Mountain” and finally reach the “White Desert” National Park, where our companions provide our overnight accommodation and treat us to a Bedouin dinner. There we sleep in small tents or under the quiet starry sky, just as we want.

Day 3: Stay at special places of power in the White Desert. We take time to immerse ourselves in intensive units with sound and sound yoga. We create a sunset meditation together. We enjoy the evening round with Bedouin tea by the fire.

Day 4: Stay at other power places in the White Desert. We let ourselves ever deeper into the silence, vastness and majesty that is reflected in this landscape and in us. Time for sound yoga units, healing rituals and individual exchange. In the evening, after dinner, there is time for a sharing session by the fire and a nighttime star sound meditation.

Day 5 : This day that take us deeper and deeper into the beauty and silence of ourselves anchor. The overflowing abundance of light and singing silence of the White Desert supports our individual vision search.

Day 6: After a sunrise sound meditation and our breakfast we set off, to return to our camp in Bahariya Oasis. There is time for ours Lunch and a little rest before another sunset view Enjoy sound meditation. After dinner at camp we close ours experiences with a small celebration to which Bedouin musicians are also invited.

Day 7: After breakfast we set off on the journey back to Cairo and finish with Arrival in Cairo our time together. ​ Follow-up overnight stays are possible, but not included in the package. A visit to the Egyptian National Museum in Giza or Cairo on your own can also be worthwhile…

Desert Retreat “Sound&Silence”  Egypt      April 17 - 23, 2024       Total price 1259,-


How can I sign up?

If you are interested in coming along, please contact me by email or telephone. We will clarify in a personal preliminary discussion whether this desert tour is something for you...

phone: 0049 177 2312442 ( also WhatsApp) 


looking forward..., Birgit

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