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Dear Birgit,

I have now understood it well - like the other concert-goers in the Chapel of Peace also - and felt, why you call yourself violin heart - player. A magnificent atmosphere in the chapel, which you braught with the magic of your music into the people`s hearts. Wonderful! Good luck with your concert in Schwabisch Gmund and I'm looking forward to the next time with you.



Rolf Scheming

Dear Birgit,


It was a pleasure to listen to the sounds,that have been done by you, and to meet them.

I just after long time sat down again at the piano ...

A good moving on for you,

lovely wishes,



I like…. very good! Supersound and heartfull violin...


Lutz Wernicke

Dear Birgit Reimer,


... I was very deeply touched and impressed by your sound art - along with Edmund Alsace - in the peace chapel Saint Catherine. It was a magical concert and the atmosphere of the chapel supported this acoustic pleasure.


A spine-tingling shower after

others I felt - through this sensuous sound travel, indeed music that touches the heart with its beauty and drives the soul, even happy to let go - into the sea of ​​sounds and melodies.

You have truly power - are tender, yet strong.

- Sounds that go under the skin, so to speak, and I think they can unite body, mind and heart  - thus helping and healing of man.


... Provided, of course, you or the person is ready to open up for it.

- and surrender completely, but only very few people are able to do this  and it's just like with everything

in life, it is a gift, like your gift - a form of devotion, passion and loving life - and therefore also a form of individual life-art ...

like your music just - unique.

Your music carries within itself the ability to feel a new balance - to get into harmony and thus find peace ... to arrive at this - quite the moment.

To feel together - which is a condition often sought at the present time and, unfortunately, still is found too little (again).

I feel really enriched through your music...inspired and sensual ...


Thank you and my respect for it.


Lots of love ... and I am looking forward to your next concert.

Best Regards


Beate Führer

Dear Birgit,


Thanks again for the wonderful experience with the gong.

Came quite contrite to this meeting,  but then understood something I could take and also hope that it will take me for a while, so I can deepen it.

Looking forward to seeing you and wish you a good time!


best regards


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