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The gong is one of the most valuable shamanic instruments for expansion of consciousness and healing.

In conjunction with yoga for example it prepares the body for the strong energy that can be released and used to transform.

Our body consists of about 70% water. The vibrations of the gong sound bring our body fluids in resonance. In this way, deep relaxation is possible, that has a healing effect and the energy of life is vigorously activated.

In a gong - meditation the sound of the gong first touches as a very gentle resonance surface and acts through its vibrations deep on the entire organism, on the one hand through the skin and the body that transmit sound waves to the inside, on the other hand through the ear, which circulates the sound  to all three centers: body, soul and spirit.

The entire organism is touched and vibrated.

Sound is able to penetrate in a sensitive way into the subconscious and there dissolves blockages that are stored in the body.


fotos: D.Kardogeros

During the Gong meditation sound builds up more and more. Through a special technique, the overtones are worked out and piled up that finally they provide the full range of frequencies available, and a large volume is reached. This strong sound frees frequencies that can resolve patterns and thereby have a healing effect.

Exactly at this point the gong sound can be experienced as a pure, white light. The perception of physical boundaries dissolves more and more, the perception of the inner being can expand and  oneness be experienced with the universe.


This is the essence of a Gong meditation. The experiences and reactions to it are as varied and individual as we humans are.

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