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Sound massage works with the ancient knowledge of resonance. Its gentle mode of action is extremely effective. The sound vibration releases tension, mobilizes self-healing powers and releases creative energy.

For the sound treatment professional singing bowls are available.  During the treatment they are placed on the dressed body or sounding moved in the aura. The harmonically rich primordial sounds touch our innermost being, every cell in the body starts to oscillate and the mind can come to rest.



  • offers a comprehensive spectrum of sound by the diverse, harmonious and natural sounds of the high-quality sound instruments

  • reduces stress and promotes regulating self-confidence

  • allows deep relaxation because sound appeals to the original confidence of the people and thereby generates willingness to let go

  • gentlyharmonizes every cell in the body through sounds and puts these in vibration

  • emotional and physical blockades can be solved, the energy of life can flow again

  • can promote health, sharpen perception and supports the knowledge and use of our own resources

  • acting in a holistic sense regenerating and revitalizin body, soul and spirit

" If you drop a stone into the water , it creates concentric waves that propagate throughout the water . Each molecule of water is set in motion in this way . Something similar happens during the sound massage in our body which is indeed about 80% water. The vibrations are transferred to the body and spread there in concentric waves: A soothing massage for each of the 100 trillion cells in the body - a cell massage "

Peter Hess

fotos and video: D. Kardogeros

sound massage

"The ear is the path to

      the heart"


     Madeleine de Scudery

For even more options, all available individually or combined in the group :


- Gongtherapy: therapy session with             sound and conversation

- Soundbath: with various high-quality         sound instruments for stress relief

Healing Concert: 100% focused on your       need

- Klingklang: a special sound therapy for       children

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