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Sound!Motion - transformation with sound! and conscious dance

                                                        ... Let your soul swing ...


"All alive beings swing and change constantly to their highest natural state."


Sound!Motion is a transformative healing work in my very own way... I connect deliberately stimulating and gentle touching elements from the sound healing with intuitive soul dance. I am using a lot of different tools to support the development of  consciousness: I accompany the process with  my own instruments ( violin, flute, gongs, tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, sansula, shruti, monochord and much more...), with also carefully selected CDs and a mindful work with the mindset.


Preserved and frozen parts in the body and soul can dissolve and change, and the natural flow of energy returns. The soul blossoms (again) to its own beauty and lightness.

Everything that lives is moving and breathing. In this work of souls we follow in joy the very own movements of our breath, our body and our soul. We allow these movements to become visible and audible through free tones and intuitive dancing.

Everything can be done with great gentleness with ourselves. There are no defined concepts, but we open up together and together a free space of swinging coexistence.


We open up conscious access with intuitive soul dance, sound healing circles, chakra singing, sound meditations, gong trance, free tones, movement improvisation, creative mindful work with our mindsets and much more.

We also are working in a redemptive way with the images of the soul, the

so-called archetypes (the fool, the child, the mother, the wise, the loves, etc.).

I include the four elements for deepening external and internal realities.


The focus is always on the awakening and liberation of the creative power of the students. I always follow the flow of energy, which is shown at every moment.


The music in my workshops are carefully and deliberately selected by me, and also played live on my instruments (violin, shruti box, flute, monochord, various drums, gongs, sansula, etc.).


musician, music therapist, sound healer,

creative coach


Sound harmonizes and centers, mindfulness encourages itself and others and is an expression of the presence. Sound is always now! Through listening, there is a natural pause and an inner orientation, a response to inner silence and the present moment. The constant flow of thoughts can come to rest.

It is impossible to listen to a sound and not to be here! Therefore, sounds are such a valuable medium for training mindfulness, sharpening perception for themselves and for others, and finding a loving approach to oneself. Sound supports a pause, which leads to relaxation and deceleration, all factors, which are also of elementary importance in stress management. Working with sounds has an enormous positive impact on reducing and dissolving stress.

Sound is a non verbal medium, which acts on a non rational level, it is also possible to stimulate and touch areas that are difficult to access, thus easing and releasing both mental and physical blockages. Sound harmonizes in a holistic way and opens the flow of life energy. It activates the self-healing powers and stimulates regeneration and strengthening.

Sound also has a very community-promoting and unifying effect. In a very natural and simple way, he heals the phenomena of singling and isolation, which are so widespread in the present social structure, in common singing and playing, and releases happiness hormones. Therefore, it is of great importance for the education and training of communities.

Sound opens the door to inner happiness and the place of inner silence. It carries the recollection of the reconnection with the essence in itself and the ability to make (again) the unity of body and soul, of feeling, thinking and acting. (text by Birgit Reimer)




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