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Gong sound healing journey



Nadabrahma: everything is vibration, everything is sound. Everything is connected with everything. So it is written already in the oldest writings of humanity, the Indian Vedas.


The sounds of the gong and other high-pitched sound instruments accompany you into the deep touch of your self.

You lie comfortably on your pad and are gently guided into a healing deep relaxation.


Each of your body's cells is about 70% water. Water is an excellent conductor of sound waves and vibrations. Through the vibration and the sounds of the gong, all body cells are strongly stimulated in their vibration. The flow of energy begins to flow noticeably.

The overtone-rich frequencies of the gong bring the brainwaves into an alpha state, allowing access to another level of perception. The constantly flowing current of thought can stop and we can gain access to deeper layers of consciousness, the so-called trance.


This can have a very healing effect on our psyche, the mind and the energy flows of our body, comparable to a "reset" of our system. Any existing blockages in body, soul and spirit can dissolve gently. The life energy can (re) come back into its natural flow, the whole organism can harmonize and regenerate. The self-healing powers can reactivate. Our soul essence is touched tenderly.


The energy channels and centers in the body and in the energy field, the so-called chakras, are assigned certain frequencies. Due to the overtone-rich and complex vibration spectrum of the gong they are strongly stimulated in their flow, which has a restorative and vitalizing effect on the whole organism and supports the harmony of body, soul and spirit.

The goal (as in yoga) is:

a complete peace of mind coming in the mind. For this we need a meditative attitude.


The gong supports this with its sound surfaces and its rich spectrum of overtones. An inner detachment opens up an experience of what is behind it.

The sound is very powerful, sometimes loud and through this the vibrations in our whole system can be perceived with body / soul and spirit. In us a slowing of the brainwaves happens as in a trance state, this opens up the possibility of breaking through recurring patterns of thought and entering a soothing inner space beyond thought.


As a participant, you can use the sound  for you

  • to just relax and regenerate.

  • to find important answers in a particular matter.

  • to experience you deeper and beyond the usual perception.

We've learned to always be in control, the gong sound invites you to let go of control and immerse yourself in the sound. This is a step towards having something new and unknown done in a wholesome way.


very practical tips:

it is advisable to lie down because this causes an easier release and thus a deep relaxation.

If this is too much, you can also sit down and it is advisable to keep your eyes closed.

if that too much is too much, it can temporarily open your eyes. This naturally fades the sound effect.

Conscious acceptance of the sound through the breath deepens the experience.

Observe yourself, how you react, whether there are body regions that are particularly strong or not at all resonate. Everything is information about yourself that can be used lovingly and that serves you in development.

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